Our Clients

"Our employees value their relationships built with Chaplain Services."

"The Chaplains are seen as trustworthy confidants that provide a safe ear for employees to vent and be vulnerable without judgement or ramification. Providing this service is a demonstration of our concern for the well-being of employees, not just their physical health, but their spiritual and mental health as well. It’s valuable investment with many positive returns."

Greg Betten, Owner, Betten Imports

“A Chaplain is someone (our employees) can unload their burdens with and have time to focus on their job apart from that burden.”

Bob Buist, Owner, D&M Metals

"Everyone has obstacles in life."

“It's special to be part of a company helping an employee recover from and get through some of these concerns. We believe that success and stability in your personal life leads to success and stability in your career."

Mike Bauman, Operations Manager, Witness Inspection

"We are pleased to have Chaplain Services, Inc. as a partner"

Chaplains provide "support and comfort for our families who rely on their faith to get them through hard times."

Megan Priester, House Services Director, Ronald McDonald House of Western Michigan

"We have been a client of Chaplain Services continuously since 2001."

"I heartily endorse the Chaplain concept and can attest that they have been a blessing to many of the Grand Auto Family employee members."

Harvey Koning, former customer

"Chaplain Services has increased our productivity and profitability by taking care of the mental health of our team members."

"We used to have several team members that brought their personal problems to work and either needed some advice, or just somebody to complain to. These conversations could take 20 minutes to half an hour. Not only was this costing us 45 minutes to an hour of productive time, it also set a negative tone for the day. We learned to not ask “how are you doing?” because we were afraid of the answer. Chaplain Services helps out with those life problems that create negative moods at work. Our team is in a better mood and now brings their extra baggage to Chaplain Services."

Jim Zylstra, Owner, Tuff Turf Molebusters

"Our patients thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to have a worship service when they are hospitalized."

"Many of our folks struggle with spirituality issues, which can have an impact on mental illness. Having the opportunity to explore their recovery from a holistic perspective is beneficial to treatment."

Kristin Mecklenburg, Director of Clinical Services, Forest View Hospital

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