pastoral care

Church/Pastoral Care


Chaplain Services, Inc. supports local churches by offering:

1. Training for Providers of Pastoral Care

  Introduction to Pastoral Care Pastoral Care Intensive
  1/2 day 2 days
  • Designed for people who have had little or no training in pastoral care.
  • Well suited for elders and deacons and persons new to pastoral care.
  • Participants learn how to conduct a visit, how to engage a person or family in a spiritual conversation and how to offer biblical hope.
  • Ideal for persons wanting to increase their effectiveness in pastoral encounters.
  • Participants improve their listening and questioning skills, and learn how to help others design and implement their own solutions.

2. Care for Individuals

  • Proactive confidential coaching and pastoral care for:
    • Pastors and church staff members, and their families.
    • Individual church members
  • Chaplains are available 24/7 in times of crisis.
  • Churches select the chaplain that best fits their culture.

3. Administrative and Human Resources Consulting Services

  • Support in the development of an effective leadership structure
  • Assistance in writing policies and procedures
  • Support in recruitment and hiring
  • Group leading and problem solving

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